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Wooly Woods Dog Resort offers a non-traditional canine boarding experience like no other. Forty-five wooded acres provide a relaxed and natural setting where guests enjoy unparalleled individual attention, our signature family-private lodging cabins, unlimited access to their outdoor yards (also family-private) and walks and play times at least twice daily! Did we mention we include daily wellness updates and laundered bedding at pick up for no additional charge? Designed for dogs and the people they love, Wooly Woods Dog Resort is all-inclusive and open (seasonally) seven days a week for overnight and daytime lodging. We look forward to welcoming you and your four-legged family to our dog resort!

Your dog will dig it!

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There's No Place Like Home

Wooly Woods' signature, family-private boarding spaces provide a home-like environment where our canine guests can relax and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors or doze on comfortable beds in cozy interior spaces. Climate controlled, security camera surveilled, and attached to family-private outdoor yards, Wooly Woods' four lodging cabins (detailed below) offer a uniquely quiet and comfortable lodging experience to our pup patrons. In addition to specially designed lodging, Wooly Woods guests receive our full list of amenities including at least two daily outings to hike, swim, and play! Our pet parents love our daily wellness updates and their clean dog bedding at pick up! Full service and all-inclusive, Wooly Woods Dog Resort looks forward to welcoming you to our family! Availability is limited, make your reservations early!

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Continuous Outdoor Access
Swimming/Wading Pond
Climate-controlled Cabin Interiors
Security Camera Surveillance
Individualized Care
Small Staff of Knowledgeable, Caring Dog Lovers
Twice Daily Outings
Large Fenced Grass Yard
45 acres with Hiking Trails
Fetch/Ball Time
Fresh Artesian Spring Water
Daily Housekeeping Service
Twice Daily Meal Service
Bedding Laundered at Pick Up
Daily Wellness Update for Parents


(Please note: Management assigns all cabins based on sizes of families boarding at a given time.)

77 square foot heated & a/c interior w/ 300 square foot forest overlook yard

Pup Lodge
45 square foot heated & a/c interior w/ 108 square foot forest overlook yard

40 square foot heated & a/c interior w/ 180 square foot forest overlook yard

Lil' Red
35 square foot heated & fan cooled interior w/ 252 square foot privacy yard


Wooly Woods Dog Resort is owned and operated by a certified dog trainer. Understanding canine behavior and communication is invaluable to our practice of caring for dogs. Feel free to ask questions or request feedback about specific canine issues. Wooly Woods does not, however, offer professional training services.

All-Inclusive Daily Canine Care Rates:

$35 One Dog / $60 Two Dogs (one cabin)

$80 Three Dogs (one cabin) / $100 Four Dogs (one cabin)

PRICING INCLUDES: all listed amenities, standard DROP OFF from 3-4pm, and standard PICK UP from 10-11am. Appointments may be necessary.

Client selected drop off and pick up times may be available. If so, there is a $6/hour charge.

EARLY OR LATE ARRIVALS will be assessed a $35 per 10 minute fee

Wooly Woods accepts cash, personal checks, and bitcoin. Payment is due at check-out.

For more information or to schedule a tour, call us at 585-298-1369 or email us at info@WoolyWoods.com.


Our pup visitors always show us the benefits of lying back, relaxing and having a little fun! We figure its wise to follow their lead! To do so, Wooly Woods closes from January 15th through February 15th and for the month of March. Our limited winter boarding dates fill quickly so make your reservations early!


Kindly advise us of any cancellations as soon as possible. Wooly Woods reserves the right to charge the full invoice amount for cancellations that occur within 7 days of a confirmed reservation.

Lodging Policies


First time clients are encouraged to tour our facility with their dogs. Besides getting to know us, this initial introduction may contribute to reduced stress during your dog's first and subsequent stays. Please allow 30 minutes, wear comfortable walking shoes, and dress for the outdoors.

*For everyone's safety, ALL dogs entering Wooly Woods Dog Resort must be on a leash or in a carrier unless directed otherwise.


Our number one priority at Wooly Woods Dog Resort is the health, safety and comfort of each dog. Therefore, in the best interest of all, each guest must meet our vaccination requirements. We require that each guest be current on his or her rabies vaccination and be protected year-round against fleas and ticks. Titers are accepted. Dogs requiring vaccination updates must have vaccination(s) administered no less than ten (10) days before check-in. Contact your veterinarian for information regarding other vet recommended vaccinations.

Wooly Woods Dog Resort reserves the right to refuse admittance to any guest who lacks proof of vaccination or displays signs of untreated or potentially contagious conditions.


Pet parents are encouraged to bring a familiar bed, blanket, and toy(s)/chew(s) from home - these "transitional items" can be comforting to your pet during their stay. Please note: soft toys and bedding are unsafe for puppies and dogs who may ingest the material. If this is the case with your pup let us know and we will supply a chew resistant Karunda bed


Breakfast and dinner are served! Guests receive twice daily meal service as well as fresh artesian spring water. Additional meals and/or extraordinary preparations may be accommodated, subject to a fee. Wooly Woods provides stainless steel bowls and water pails.

As recommended by our canine nutritionist advisor, we require all clients to provide food from home that your dog has been eating for at least two weeks prior to boarding.

Please prepare and label - with dog's name AND feeding instructions - enough food for your dog's entire stay, PLUS two days (just in case), but not more (as we have limited storage space).

If supplementing, please dispense supplement(s) into baggies with each meal premeasured.

If medicating, please provide medication in the original prescription bottle with dog's name, medication name, and dosing instructions clearly labeled


Wooly Woods Dog Resort recognizes that some of our guests may have special needs. We encourage our clients to discuss any special requirements with us when making a reservation, including but not limited to: medications, supplements, special meal preparation, extra feeding times, daily brushing, puppy care & senior care - additional charges may apply.


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Play Area
Play Area
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